The Five Fiefdoms

Orc Diplomacy

The party ran into Karak and his elite death squad before finding
Sogrith. Karak strong armed them into helping him find and kill
Sogrith without the loss of any orc troops. He used the humans in the
party as convoys promising great wealth to Sogrith if he should
challenge their “leader” in one on one combat, offering them slaves
and women for raping from the imaginary town they represented if
Sogrith could defeat their leader one on one. Sogrith agreed in front
of all his troops and Karak came forth. Sogrith could not deny this
challenge he had already accepted and allowed within his camp. He flew
into an angry rage, attacking Keegan and charging at Karak. After a
heated battle, Karak defeated Sogrith, but forced Keegan to stabilize
him to better make an example of him later. While stabilizing Sogrith,
Keegan got close enough to his mouth to hear Sogrith mutter a few
final words about how Karak was a fool to challenge Lysandra. Keegan
and the rest of the party managed to escape in the confusion following
Sogrith’s defeat. Calthanus recognized Lysendra as the queen of
Lysendine, a major city to the north. The party has journeyed through
the woods and is now in the farmland north of the forest and south of
the city of Lysendine. They can see its gleaming towers in the
distance. As they were passing through the farmland, they noticed a
lot of farmland dug up and scored by what farmers claimed to be some
sort of skeleton monster. The party found and destroyed the skeleton
before resting on their way to Lysendine.



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