The Five Fiefdoms

First few days in Lysendine

The PCs entered Lysendine through the Darmush district and made their
way through Zakrow to the Gateway district. They got into a barfight
while trying to gather information at one of the seedier bars and got
some great weapons (+1) and some information off of the people who
attacked them. They found out about the layout of the city and the
various districts. They also found out about a disgraced nobleman who
spent his time at a nearby bar drinking himself silly. They found this
nobleman, Alphonse (Telacour, though they never asked his last name)
and after hours of drinking and trying to get him to talk without
bursting into tears, they discovered that he was approached by Duke
Nevantine who asked him if he wanted to be friends and Alphonse
declined since he was loyal to the queen. In retaliation, Nevantine
leaked Alphonse’s secret (that he was gay) to his wife Maria. Alphonse
has no proof of this, but he feels fairly certain that Nevantine was
responsible for his fall from grace. He finds Keegan, Dylan’s
character, to be very attractive and is slightly more likely to spill
his guts to Keegan than to anyone else.

The PCs also found out from Alphonse that Nevantine used to fight
queen Lysendra’s policies tooth and nail and then one day a little
over a year ago, he started going along with everything she said and
even offering her his support. Since then Nevantine has been very
docile, but has actively kept in touch with all of the other nobles.
They also know that Nevantine is very wealthy and Alphonse doesn’t
think the queen could have bribed him with money.



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