The Five Fiefdoms

Exploring Solopolis

I switched things around a little from the last time. They met Frent’s
familiar, but it was a raven so it could talk to them. I thought it
would be annoying to constantly have Dylan need to cast speak with
animal. The raven’s name is Skeen.

They met and defeated the hill giant. They figured out what was going
on with the tower (mostly bc the raven told them) and now they’re
headed off to Solopolis. They met a Criosphynx. It wants to attack
them or take all their money. They haven’t actually engaged in battle

When they reach Solopolis, they will find it is a tent city, but it is
a very elaborate tent city. It looks as though long ago it may have
just been several tents pitched around a small natural oasis, but it
has grown and expanded radially from there. Some of the tents have
multiple doors and stories. Overall, it is a largely beige, canvass
affair, made of tough material to withstand the biting winds and
frequent sand storms. Almost every tent they pass is a merchant of
some kind, and while they desert was sparsely occupied on their
travels to Solopolis, it seems like everyone who travels through the
desert has this place as their destination, or at least their rest
stop along the way.

Business in Solopolis is booming, especially weapons and arms dealers.
Any such merchant they talk to will assure them that business is
always good, but lately there has been so much demand they can barely
supply the needs of the buyers. And the interesting thing is that
there have been so many new customers. Normally a merchant makes their
money on their tried and true customers, the traveling merchants who
own caravans and manage to find markets in small towns or large cities
all around the world. But lately, new customer after new customer has
been flooding in to purchase items, usually weaponry, though he has
heard from other merchants that dealers in fine magical items have
seen an increase in sales as well.

The merchant they are speaking to may mention that there are so many
new people, they even had an elf stop by recently. It was odd because
he didn’t seem to want to buy anything (he has an eye for lookers vs
shoppers), but it was strange because he wasn’t even looking at the
merchandise. Needless to say he threw him out of the establishment.
He’s actually seen him around for nearly two weeks now and he hasn’t
heard of him buying or selling anything. He had better watch out
before he attracts the attention of the merchant’s guild. There are
very few rules to the city of Solopolis- anything can be bought, sold,
or traded, but the guild does have some guidelines and regulations.
You need a merchant’s license to stay in the city for more than a
week’s time- they don’t encourage permanent residents. They also take
a percentage of profits from all sales. People who have disobeyed are
sometimes known to disappear or terrible misfortunes befall their



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